Game01 - To Mars and Back  
Here it is!! Our First "Byrd House" board game!!!

Want a fun way to learn Multiplication, Addition and Space facts? This is it.

Combining Science and Math players roll a pair of regular six-sided dice, or two four-sided dice or two-twelve sided dice (scale it to the players).

To move players must state the correct PRODUCT AND the correct SUM for the dice pair they rolled.

For example: After rolling a 6 and an 8. You must say "6 times 8 equals 48" and "6 plus 8 equals 14". When correct the player moves 14. When incorrect they don't move.

Landing on a circled divot gives the player a chance to move further if they can answer a question about Earth/Mars.

The beautiful board is made from red oak and measures 20" x 20".
Price - $75 plus shipping. Indiana residents add $5.25 for 7% sales tax.
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Mars and Back