PWBH6 - PolyTuf™ Robin's Nesting Shelf  
As you may know Robins do not make nests in a nesting box. Instead they choose to make their nest on a downspout crook, a rafter or tree branch. To give them a better sheltered space we make these PolyTuf™ nesting shelfs.

Our PolyTuf™ Robin's nesting shelf is made from 100% recycled plastic lumber. We also use 100% stainless steel screws so there is no painting, no staining.

This open shelf makes it easy to monitor the eggs and little ones when they hatch. After the nesting season just clean the nesting shelf and its good to go for another season.

Approximate dimensions: 8" (w) x 8 ½" (d) x 13" (h).
Price - $30 plus shipping. Indiana residents add $2.10 for 7% sales tax.
We have a few different color combinations in stock. Custom color orders may be possible for an additional $10 fee.
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PolyTuf Robins Nesting Shelf
  PolyTuf Robins Nesting Shelf PolyTuf Robins Nesting Shelf