PW4 - PolyTuf™ Wren Birdhouse  
Bird Type - These Wren sized birdhouses are made from 100% PolyTuf™(recycled plastic lumber). We also use 100% stainless steel screws so there is no painting, no staining. The entry hole is 1 1/8" diameter.

Mounting - The hanging cable is seven strand steel with a plastic coating. But if you prefer you can remove the cable and surface mount the birdhouse against a tree, wall or post using the keyhole on the back.

Clean Out - Just remove one screw from the bottom after the nesting season, the floor will spin open, clean it out, replace the screw and your Wren birdhouse is good to go for another season.

Dimensions - Approximately 10" (W) x 6" (D) x 8 1/2" (H).

Colors - As you can see (below) have numerous colors available. These will be sold first come first served. So contact us to have one set aside for you.
Price - $40 plus shipping. Indiana residents add $2.80 for 7% sales tax.
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Wren House Front
  Wren House Back Wren House Bottom  
  ** Note ** We have these in stock. Other combinations may be ordered. ** Note **
Wren House Blue sided Wren House Blue Yellow Blue Wren House Green Yellow Green