PW1 - PolyTuf™ Bluebird Birdhouse  
Bird Type - This Bluebird sized birdhouse is made from 100% PolyTuf™(recycled plastic lumber). We use 100% stainless steel screws so there is NO painting, NO staining, NO rusting.

Inside Dimensions - 8 1/4" H x 4" W x 5 1/4 D. Entry hole is 1 1/2" and is 6" off the floor.

Mounting - The back has a mountng hole at the top and the bottom.

Clean Out - After the nesting season just loosen the screw on the right side to open the hinged side panel, clean it out, tighten the screw and its good to go for another season.

Outside Dimensions - 12" H x 8" W x 9" D.
Price - $45 plus shipping. Indiana residents add $3.15
for 7% sales tax.
Colors - This can be made using multiple colors. Call to confirm your choice.
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Bluebird house
Bluebird house side open   Bluebird house bottom