PWF3 - PolyTuf™ Window Feeder  
One of our new PolyTuf™ feeders. Our PolyTuf™ lumber is made from "Green" recycled plastic. It will weather nicely. No painting, no staining.

This unique feeder attaches to the window using four suction cups. We place ours on the window just above our kitchen sink. Just clean the window, moisten the suction cups, press them against the window and you are ready to enjoy the birds that will come right to your window feeder.

We offer three feeds in ours: Meal Worms, Sunflower seed and Whole unshelled peanuts. We see Robins, Finches, Doves, Red Wing Blackbirds, Mocking Birds and Blue Jays throughout the year.

When needed we wipe out the cups and refill for the next round of visitors. We've even setup our camera to get some fun photos of our visitors.

It measures approximately 13" L x 5 1/2" D x 4" H.
Price - $35 plus shipping. Indiana residents add $2.45 for 7% sales tax.
Due to color choices we may need to make this to order.
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PolyTuf Window Feeder
PolyTuf Window Feeder Bird Picture PolyTuf Window Feeder