F05 - Tray Feeder
This unique feeder has quickly become our best seller. It makes a great gift and let's you get a close up look at your favorites birds.
The tray is 6" x 12"
Three suction cups allow you to attach it to a window or sliding glass door.

The birds come right up to the window so you can really get a good look at them.

These feeders have been used on the window of a nursing home patient room, bedroom windows, kitchen windows and sliding glass doors.

Depending on their location they are often squirrel proof!

Just fill the tray every few days and sit back in the comfort of your home and enjoy the birds. We've seen Cardinals, Red Winged Blackbirds, Finches, Doves and others at ours.
Price - $25.00 plus shipping.
Indiana residents add $1.75 for 7% sales tax.
In stock.
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