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  Our Beginning  

One rainy day in May of 2008 three of our grandkids were visiting. It was early and they were already getting a little bored. Then I made a mistake. I said, "Someday, we should make some birdhouses when you visit!" "Oh Pap-Paw! That's a great idea. Can we do it TODAY!" they replied. I was had.

Even though I had the beginnings of a nice workshop I had no bird house plans or wood to make them. "I will be back in a little bit" I said as I walked out the door to head to our local Lowes building supply.

Soon enough I was back with a couple planks of wood and a plan book and we were off and running. The five of us worked hard all day long and each of the kids ended up taking home a birdhouse. Look below and you will see those first birdhouses. Each one hand painted and ready to use.

It was such a fun day that we haven't stopping making Birdhouses, Bird Feeders, Bat Houses, and other special request projects since. Check out our simple website and you will see many of the items we make.

Mam-Maw (my wife Vicki) provides a lot of design project ideas, color selections, she runs the drill press, helps with assembly and sets up our display at the craft shows we attend.

To this day every Birdhouse and Bird Feeder we make and sell is made in our shop in Brownsburg Indiana. We enjoy participating in Fall and Spring craft shows in Central Indiana. If you run into us be sure to say "Hello".
Bill and Vicki
Bill & Vicki Byrd
The Byrd House
Brownsburg, Indiana
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