Spring 2020 Shows

Welcome to The Byrd House!
"Look at the birds in the sky.
They don't plant or harvest or gather food into barns,
and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.
You are more valuable than they are, aren't you?"
Matthew 6:26
Fall 2020 Shows


Bluebird House

Polywood Bluebird house
Our History
Our History
Suet Feeders
Small Bird House

PolyTuf Birdhouse
We are Going Green!
All of our new outdoor items are being made in our shop in Brownsburg Indiana with PolyTuf™
Ecologically friendly PolyTuf™ lumber is made from recycled plastic.

PolyTuf™ lumber has excellent weathering resistance.
Get this!
It requires NO waterproofing, NO painting or NO staining! WOW!!

Translation - It is awesome material for our outdoor products.
We think you are going to love it!
Window Feeders

PolyTuf Window Tray Feeder
Wren House
(Coming Soon)
Butterfly House

Butterfly House
Squirrel Feeder

PolyTuf Squirrel Feeder
Robins Nesting Shelf

PolyTuf Robins Nesting Shelf
Bin Feeder

PolyTuf Bin Feeder
Bin Feeder With Suet Cages

PolyTuf Bin Feeder W Suet
Games and Puzzles
Puzzles and Games
Custom Made Items
Custom Made Items
Baltimore Oriole Feeder
PolyTuf Oriole Feeder